SLP 2020-10-03 trip report

Nine of us made the San Luis Pass Saltwater outing with the Texas Fly Fishers of Houston on Saturday, October 3rd.  We met at 7:00 AM at the San Luis County Park to begin fishing.  There were two boats, three kayaks and a paddle board.  Two eager fishers (diehards!) had arrived early and waited for the rest of the group to arrive; they were prepped to go!  A tenth member was planning to attend but his boat had mechanical issues and he wisely decided not to get on the water.

Everyone was on the water by 7:30 AM to begin fishing.  One of the kayak groups headed to Cold Pass, the other to Titlum Tatlum Marsh while the boaters traveled further to Bird Island and points beyond.  The Cold Passers indicated that fishing was “cold” and then headed to the marsh.  October is the beginning of the fall flounder run and we were hoping to catch some of these tasty fish in the marsh.  But, we were too early.

The weather was “fishing perfect”, very light wind, moderate temperature, moderate tide and lots of sunshine for sight casting.  Crossing the bay in personal watercraft was uneventful and there was no chop.

There were many solitary redfish in the marsh but they had the sixth sense.  By the time you saw them – they’d seen/heard you and were speeding away at Mach 1!  The marsh was really skinny water and consequently there were no motor boats observed there during the outing.  Some of the anglers reported good action first thing in the morning but noticed the bite slowed down by about 10 AM.

By around 1:30 PM most of the Club members decided to return to the Park and prepare for the drive home.  The two diehards continued to fish the marsh and reported that they did catch a few undersized flounders before calling it a day.  They made it home safely, too.  Everyone agreed that it was a fantastic outing even though only a few fish were caught.  Fishing in the beautiful conditions and the fellowship made the outing a tremendous success.

Howard F.

2 thoughts on “SLP 2020-10-03 trip report

  1. I drove over to the Pass to fish with the club, Took my ” GET THE NET” V Shallow Sport boat ,, It was nice to fish to old stopping grounds again. Mr. Grayland joined me, A great person and fisherman, We start out on Cole Pass and caught a 2.5 lb trout on clicker cork with a jig that I tied.. on first cast.. while Mr. Grayland was rigging up his fly.. I also cast a bait caster rod or a spinning rod to check to see if the
    fish are active.. Best way I found this activity is to work a top water lure, like a Zaza spook or a clicker cork.. If the fish are active feeding you want make a second cast without catching one. I usually cast about three or four cast a top water.. This will tell you a lot, what the fish are doing. If know top water action. Go to wet flies of jigs or jerk baits to catch fish.. then check when major and minor times are an then go back to top water lures or flies… Just a little info for people who is new in saltwater fish.. also the out going tides are the best fishing, because the bait had established in back of flats and drains on high tide The fish set up on these water drains and outlets to ambush the bait. Can’t wait until Lavaca Rive is primed with trout and reds. I will keep club informed the activity so if anyone wants to come an fly fish it let me know..


  2. We ended up fishing in Bastrop Bay on the scatter reefs an no luck on any flies.. did catch another trout on a silver spoon.. but we did fish flies for a hour are so.. No luck.. Hoping for a flounder,but no cigar.. Great time with good company and a beautiful day.


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