Speaker Presentation, Monthly Meeting, September 29, 2020; Fly Fishing on a Budget

At the Tuesday, September 29, 2020 monthly meeting of the Texas Fly Fishers, to be held via Zoom technology, a panel discussion will be held on the topic of fly fishing on a budget. Topics in that regard will include:

  • General Ideas for Fly Fishing on a Budget;
  • Equipment;
  • Fly Tying;
  • Kayaking; and,
  • How to get invited as a guest a second time

So, if you are interested in the fly fishing and the idea of doing so on a budget is of interest you will not want to miss this presentation. Be sure and look for your e mail from club Secretary, Eric Richardson or Membership Chairman, Bob Brill with details about joining the zoom meeting.

TFF members will be receiving an e mail containing a link to join the meeting.

For any of you who are not a member of the Texas Fly Fishers, if you are interested in attending this Zoom Meeting/Presentation, click on the link below at the time of the meeting and doing so should provide you with access to the meeting.

The link to the Zoom meeting is: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85168155280?pwd=TlBJSXlBQ1FOcU1LZ2ovTlBFSWRQQT09

Should you need a meeting ID and/or a password these items are:

Meeting ID: 851 6815 5280

Password: 167476

For all visitors to the meeting, although we hope you enjoy the presentation, we also hope you will consider joining the Texas Fly Fishers.

Date: Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Time:Meeting Time 7-9 pm


2 thoughts on “Speaker Presentation, Monthly Meeting, September 29, 2020; Fly Fishing on a Budget

  1. Kayaking and fly tying on a budget

    1. Borrow or rent a kayak before you buy it.
    a. There may be models out there that you like better than others.
    2. Kayaks don’t need a boat launch
    a. It is actually one of the major advantages
    b. You can launch in places that a boat can’t reach
    3. Team up with a boat owner for a “mother boat” ride. Using the kayaks to get into the skinny water that boats can’t reach.
    4. Minimalize.
    a. Bring a few flies and a fly rod.
    b. Camera
    c. Life jacket
    d. Play with this method for a while before you decide on what else you actually need
    i. Later add things that you actually use.
    ii. Make a list, in writing, of what works for you
    5. Partner up with other kayak anglers
    a. Quickest way to learn new waters
    b. And for safety, a must
    6. Let somebody know where you will be, always

    Fly tying
    1. Borrow a vice from the club or a friend.
    a. There are multiple styles out there. Find what works for you.
    2. Identify 3 flies that you will actually fish with.
    a. Make sure they are different, not just color variations of the same fly. The idea here is to develop your material handling and techniques.
    b. My recommendations:
    i. Freshwater
    1. Spider
    2. Hare-E
    3. Bendback
    ii. Saltwater
    1. Redfish Crack
    2. Clouser
    3. VIP
    3. Once you have the material to tie your flies, sit down and tie 6 of them, all of them the same size and color.
    a. Take the 2 that are not quite as good as the rest and give them away. There are plenty of fly fishers that don’t tie, and they can be testers for you.
    b. Take the other 4 and put them in the fly box that you plan to use on the very next trip.
    4. Once you have mastered your chosen 3 flies Pick another 3, and repeat.
    a. If done correctly, you will now have material to tie a dozen pattern, not just 6.
    5. Get to know some fellow tyers, and join in on a materials order.
    a. I once got 1,000 Gama hooks for 12 cents each, normally 50+ cents each. They were all one size. And since it was a group order, we were all able to come out ahead.
    b. Another time we were able to get a bargain on hackle. I won’t even go into that discussion.
    6. Make you own tools if you can.
    a. Bodkins
    b. Dubbing spinners
    c. Leg pullers
    d. Tool holders
    7. Visit the craft shop for ideas. These folks are used to organizing and finding uses for things.
    a. Leg puller = Knot picker
    b. Hook holder = bead box
    c. Chenille = microfiber yarn
    d. Head cement = E6000
    e. Foam bodies = 2mm foam sheets
    f. Frog eyes = googly dolls eyes
    g. Tool caddy = marker holder


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