TFF books for sale, updated 2020-05-28

Prices dropped on most of the books.   We will be getting into the storage and listing more in a week or so.  Nilo has taken this task on in an attempt to convert inventory to usable club funds.  There are milk crates of books in storage that have been donated over the years.  From what I can guess there are probably a thousand, or so, books.  Sitting in storage does no good for our coffers, or your library.

Since the auction has been postponed, we are looking at other opportunities to use these books, that have been donated over the years, as an additional source of income for our club.

The plan is to sell the books and have the proceeds go into the Texas FlyFishers’ funds, directly befitting our club, and you.

We have set up an eBay account and been slowly adding books into the store:  flyfishingbooks

As of 17 May, 2020 this what we have so far:

Saltwater Fly Patterns,Lefty Kreh, 1993, spiral-  SOLD

The Basses Fresh-Water and Marine by William C.Harris 1905

Bass and Bass Fishing by Ozark Ripley 1924

 Fleetfin by Clarke Venable 1925 with a prefatory note by Henry V.Dyke

Largemouths by Billy Westmorland 1979 

Bonfishing byStanley M.Babson 1965

The philosophical fisherman (NoDust) by Blaisdell, Harold F 1969

The Old Maestro of Bass Fishing by Jack Lamb 1937  

Small Stream Bass : A Complete Angler’s Guide to Bass Fishing off the Beaten…

The Out of Door Library ANGLING by Charles Frederick Holder 1897

Fly-Rodding for Bass by A. D. Livingston (1976, Hardcover)

The Complete Angler By Izaak Walton And Charles Cotton Thomas Nelson and Sons 

Fly Tying and Tackle Making manual and manufacturers guide by Herter’s1941

A Handbook of Salt Water Fishing by O.H.P. Rodman 1940 fifth impression

Streamer Fly Fishing. in Fresh and Salt Water. by Joseph D. Bates. 1st.ed. 1950

The Art and Science of Fly Fishing by Lenox Dick 1966  D.Van  Nostrand

 Trout Madness by Robert Traver 1960  St Martin’s Press NY

1899 Walton Limited Edition Fisherman’s Luck By Henry Van Dyke Only 150 Copies

Book of the Black Bass – Comprising Its Complete and …..1881 original

1933 Hewitt’s Handbook of Fly Fishing by Edward R. Hewitt Wade Mecum

Bass Magic by Nick Sisley signed. No130 /1500   1984  art work by Earl Martz

Great Fishing Stories By Edwin Valentine Mitchell – 1946 – Ex Library – Hardback

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