I must be a lightning magnet, SW attempt

Arrived a SLP the boat launch at 0700 with a plan to meet a few others and hit the saltwater at about 0730.  It had rained on me for the entire trip down, and was still raining as I watched the others at the launch also sit in their trucks, waiting.

At 0730, our proposed launch time it started lightning dangerously close, so I leaned my seat back and napped.  After all, I had driven all the way down here to fish.

At 0845 the rain let up and the thunder no longer rolled.  A quick check on the radar showed that there was a gap, so I packed up and went over to the kayak launch at Xmas Bay.  And on the way, the  rain gained intensity and lightning showed back up.  More sitting in the truck.

0930 and there was a hint of blue in the sky, so I grabbed a fly rod and almost ran to the grass-lines.  The water clarity was pretty bad.  In knee-deep water I couldn’t see the laces of my boots.  20 minutes of so into prowling the shoreline, the rain came back, so back to the truck.

1130 and no letting up of the storm, I packed it in.  I did attempt to go down the beach, only to find that there was NO beach.  The high winds and tide pushed the water all the way to the dunes.  Never once did my kayak get to touch the salt.  The rain continued until I turned off of 288, and then for the rest of the day, I had clear skies, here in Katy.

Lesson learned.  Look at the radar before making the drive, as many of the others did that day.

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