Who’s Fishing This Weekend?

Looking for a Fishing Buddy for a day? Wanna go fishing and share the fun with someone? Post it! Post where you are going…Might be surprised if one of our members or anyone who follows TFF shows up! Pick a date ❤ and others may follow

4 thoughts on “Who’s Fishing This Weekend?

  1. Anyone in the Club wants to go with me fishing , I will bring the boat to Charlies Bait Camp. you show up and get in the boat and we go fly fishing and spinning.. If the fish are active will fish fly fish, if not will fish conventional rods and reels. I do both. I blind fish only drifting .. I have been doing this all my life and know how to read water an catch reds and trout. Fall and Winter are the best months to saltwater fish.. fish are most active in shallow waters after sun warms up the water.. great fishing… drh1221drh@yahoo.com, Also on Facebook,, Let’s make a date … make it happen. I have a 21ft shallow sport. lots of room.


    • Same with me, I’m trying to make some time to go fishing soon. POC, Galveston, or Rockport, makes no difference with me. I owe several people guided trips this month. Cant wait for that first front next Monday. WooHoo!

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