Port Mansfield Trip – June 9-13, 2019


When:       June 9-13, 2019
Where:       Port Mansfield
Start Time:  Arrive on June 9 (four nights, 3 full days fishing)
End Time:    Check out June 13
Trip Leader:  Kelly Hazen (7one3 – 5O2-4nine45)

Trip Description: This is a 4 night, 3 full days of fishing out of Port Mansfield.  We have a waterfront condo for four….two queen beds in two bedrooms, full kitchen, 2 bath, pool, and boatslip.  Cost is appx $337 each.  (assuming four people).

Fishing will be out of two (2) boats.  (Kelly Hazen and Mike Green’s boats)  Grass and sand flats, or jetties thru the East Cut , etc.  Outstanding opportunity.  Looking for two more fishermen.

As of June 1, this trip has filled up…if you want to be on “standby”, or have a boat and want to join, contact Kelly.

Contact Kelly Hazen for details and sign-up.  7one3 – fiveO2-4nine4five

This is great saltwater fishing opportunity.  The condo is a waterfront condo with 2 queen beds in 2 bedrooms, full kitchen, 2 bath, pool, courtyard, and boatslip.  4 nights and 3 full days of fishing.  The total with fees is $1348, which is $337/person assuming a group of four.  Kelly has volunteered to be breakfast chef.  Dinner meals are limited to Port Mansfield, with two restaurants.

Fishing is grass and sand flats as far as you can see.  Kelly Hazen and Mike Green will be running their boats.  Other options are jetties thru the East Cut to the Gulf, the Saucer area (drift, deep wade, shoal islands), the Three Island area, and to the north the Land cut (about a 9 mile boat ride).  Lots of variety and great fishing prospective areas.

How to sign up:  Call Kelly Hazen; 7one3 – 5O2-4nine45 


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