2019 Trout In The Classroom Project

The 2019 TFF sponsored trout in the classroom project kicked off last week with the arrival of a fresh set of eggs from TU for our schools. Thanks to the continued contribution from TFF we are now up to 14 tanks running in Houston high school science classrooms from Klein Collins to Deer Park. The eggs are delivered and hatched in January and we release the fingerling trout into the trophy trout section of the Guadalupe before school finishes in mid-May. This year we have changed things up a little and instead of our usual rainbow trout eggs we are hatching brown trout, as part of a general change in stocking policy for the Guad that many of you may have seen if you fished the river this year and last. It will be interesting to see how the browns turn out when compared to our success with rearing young rainbows in previous years.

As usual I will try and post regular updates and if anyone has any questions or wants to help out then please feel free to contact me directly.


Matt Blyth (832 444 4206)

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