Troy Miller’s Shaddie Clouser

Troy Miller  “The original is on the web (google “Troy shaddie clouser” and you’ll find it). I have a newer recipe with a different tying method but gives about the same result. Quicker and more durable. The new recipe also has three or four variants that is use in different conditions/applications. I still love that fly, it was one of Clarke’s favorites. I tie them with plastic eyes to fish right under the surface (specks over the green lights) to double heavy lead eyes to fish stripers on a sinking line deep in Texoma. And any depth in between. Tied correctly, they never foul.”

One thought on “Troy Miller’s Shaddie Clouser

  1. Troy Miller “Tie some with beadchain eyes, some with light lead and some with medium-heavy lead. That way you can cover the entire gamut of water flows/depths. You wanna fish this fly close to the bottom, and a floating line is best to give an upward pull on the head — imparting a sexy jigging action. I know many anglers like to use a sink tip line and then little or no weight on the fly, which does reduce hangups and lost flies. But the action of the fly when you strip is just to pull the fly straight ahead. Not that sexy. Once you get the right combination of leader length and weight of fly eyes, you’ll catch many more fish with the floating line and weighted eyes.”


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