PowderHorn 2016, @ Galveston Boat Club

Fly Tying will be at the Galveston Boat Club on Saturday the 23rd.  We need a few more volunteers.


It would be groups of about 10 – 12  every hour for 6 hours (with an hour break for lunch) (ages from +16 to Adult)

Tying the Hare-E
Hare-E, the video


Dry fly hook, size 10, I use Mustad 94833 or equivalent, 2 hooks per student
Black zonker strips.  1 half hide will tie 100+ flies (BPS)
Black rod wrapping thread (FTU)
Crazy glue (Wal-Mart), one bottle per 2 students
Brass chain (Lowes)  3ft ties 30 flies

Toenail clippers (1 per 2 students)  Side style for cutting bead chain
Half hitch tool

Contact “Puck” for more information.

3 thoughts on “PowderHorn 2016, @ Galveston Boat Club

  1. From Amy :
    “Thank you for all of your help in this!! Fly Tying is such a well received activity and ties in to our other activities very well…so, we are all excited to have it in our program again this year.

    Are there any volunteers who have committed to coming at this point?

    Feel free to email, text or call me with any questions!”


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