Damon Seven Lakes, 2015-10-24 report from Russell

Late Friday afternoon I drove out to Damon Seven Lakes and stayed overnight so that early Saturday morning I could help Mike Arnold sign-in people for the D7L outing.  Visited with Mike and Matt Arnold Friday night.  In the morning Mike and I set things up for registration at 6:30 am.  Five people came between 6:45 and 7:30.  I opted to leave early as I did not want to get caught in heavy rain later on.  The others stayed until about 1: 00 pm.  As it turned out, only a light rain came down the entire time at seven lakes making for a fishable outing.  Thanks to Michael Quigley, Tracy Quigley, Greg Mills, Monica Williamson, and Bill Johnson for braving the weather to fish the D7L outing.

2 thoughts on “Damon Seven Lakes, 2015-10-24 report from Russell

  1. Thanks for getting this together and thanks to Mike for feeding us. Tracy & I enjoyed ourselves and a little rain didn’t bother us a bit.


  2. Had a great time! Caught 2 lil’ bass. If you listened closely, we could hear the fish laughing at us. Mike Arnold taught us a new knot that is fantastic. The lunch was delicious, too.


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