Katy Navy Fly Tying, 2015-10-20

Disco shrimp with Drew Chicone.

Drew and Rob worked out the Skype(R) connection so we had face-to-face with our guest.

Nibbles (chips, salsa, and southwest egg rolls) and drinks went well with the conversation as we tied the Disco Shrimp.

Drew’s website “Salty Fly Tying”

Drew was answering questions the entire time, and even with the few attendees, there was still plenty of questions.  As a bonus, at the end of tying the disco shrimp, Drew explained the thought process of his baitfish, as he tied one for discussion.

Recipe: Here’s the material list, straight from the author:

Hook: Daiichi X472 sizes 2 or similar long-shank hook,

Popper: 10mm sequin

Thread: Tan 210 Denier Waxed Flymaster

Head: Coyote Body Fur

Body: 3mm closed cell foam – Sand/Tan,

Dubbing: UV Ice Dub – Tan

Legs: Life Flex – Tan

Eyes: Large EP Crab & Shrimp Eyes -Black

Rattle: Woodies Rattler Inserts Clear

Antenna: 4 Strands Krystal Flash – Bonefish Tan

Tail: 2 – 4mm Gold Sequin (available at any craft store)

Adhesive: Zap CA Super Thin




Tips that we learned

Adhesive he uses for foam – 3M 77 multi purpose adhesive spray

Super glue – Bob Smith Industries Gap Filler 

Crushing the mono at the base of the eyes as a tie-in point keeps the eyes from spinning.

Larger sequins go onto the hook easier, and make a louder “plop” when worked.


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