Texas Council Expo Registration

Texas Council Leaders, the time has now arrived to start registering for the Texas Council Expo!! If you wish to register through mail, you may now download one of these registration forms, and fill out what events you wish to attend. The tying classes are the only classes that we are charging for. When you attend a tying class, you will get instructions for tying flies during the two hour class. You will also leave with tying materials for the fly, and the fly you tied. The more advanced tying classes will cost a bit more. All of the tiers are amazing and will teach you many techniques that one can use later.

The expo banquet will be the highlight of the weekend, with a BBQ dinner, auction and raffles, and a moment with our guest speaker. The Fly Fishing Film Tour will also be a big night, as we show an amazing group of fly fishing films. The Women's breakfast will be lead by Jen Ripple of the Dun magazine . All of these events will fill up so we recommend registering soon.

The casting classes for the expo, and all of the classes except the tying classes, are FREE!!! Will be a first come, first serve basis. The rooms will hold plenty of visitors, and offer a wide variety of information about fly fishing in Texas. There is still room on Thursday for the two casting classes, the continuing education class for the CCI's wanting to prepare for the next level, and the prep course for the individuals who want to become a CCI.

Lodging is available, and we also recommend getting the lodging arrangements soon.

Registering on line will begin on Monday April 14. Go here for all of the information and registration. There will also be an official email that will be sent out to all Federation members, going over the entire event and process.

As President of the Council, I ask that you help us support the efforts of so many dedicated individuals in several ways. Please communicate this information to your club and members. Pass out the flyers for the film tour and expo that can be printed from the website. Put the information in the clubs newsletter. And most importantly, make plans to attend. many clubs are coming as a group, and making the week out of it.

So excited to see all of you in New Braunfels this June!!! Come see an amazing expo and Help support the Texas Council!!

Tight Lines,
Russell Husted
President of the Texas Council International Federation of Fly Fishers
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