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Latest Bayou Trip Report 1-22-12


George Sutherland calls me and says he has a little time Saturday to fish and would I like to hit a Brownline! Heck yeah...
Satiurday started off with some drizzle and fog early.  I hit a local haunt before meeting up with George and found the fish very active.  Five fish in less than forty-five minutes.  That's very good in my opinion so they are on the feed!  George is right on time (pay attention all you slackers) at the meeting spot.  He has all of the essentials...five wt., purdy flys, cold Shiner Bachs, and some new electrician's tape for my reel seat!  Now that's being prepared!

We chose a spot on the bayou that has been left alone for a couple of weeks.  Water clarity is good, flow is low, and fishing pressure non-existant! However there was a large flock of Comarants (sp?) watching us! I walked along side of George telling him how the fish relate to the deep rock piles and holes.  The object is to present your fly let it drop into the strike zone and with a "jigging" motion get the bass too strike. So I set him loose along this good stretch and he starts fishing.  I go the opposite direction and do the same. 

My first bass of the day...that's George over there.

Here my next one.

After catching a few I go over to George and say a few encouraging words like come on George all you have to do is fish the rocks jig the fly like this and whaala I pull out this nice bass right where George was standing and fishiing....George Just Got SCHOOLED!!!

Second jump.

Here is what she looked like coming out of the water.

We decided to move downstream to a new location.

This fish was the first to jump on my line.

George has gone his way and me mine this is what I ran into...

What ...sweet a catfish struck that fly! I did say the fish were on the feed!

...and so the day went big fish....

...and little ones...

The last two pictures show a good example of the fly I was using today.  But the operative word here is WAS!  I lost it later on to the rocks and could not retrieve.  If anyone could tie me up a few I sure would appreciate it.  Beadhead with Yellow, chartruse, fire orange would be good colors too. About three inches long. Mike if you read this post... I would like you to tie me up some of those chartruse and blue clousers you did for me last...I'l be at the meeting this week.

Thanks George for coming all this way to share your Saturday with me on the WOB I had a great time. It is like we (TFF'ers) have this place all to our selves anytime we want! SWEEEEET! Good COLD beer between each fishing hole was a big plus too! ;D

I'm sold.. these reports are terrific... I'm currently recovering from shoulder surgery but will be recouped enough to fish in a couple months. I was particularly interested in the reports of carp in the bayou as well. I haven't made a meeting in the last couple months, but will be back in the rotation soon and want to connect.  At least I hope so, as long as your secret honey hole doesn't get fished out!
Are you targeting the carp at all or sticking to the green trout?

Great afternoon, Mike... thanks for guiding. I'll start practicing my techniques for jigging with a fly rod. Seems that needs a little work. Yeah, there are big carp in those waters! Wouldn't take, even with as perfect a presentation as I could muster. Pretty picky eaters.

You did not mention the pair of water moccasins... yuk.  :P

Good time!

George is sceered of water moccasins hahahahaha....uggh ME TOO! :-X :-X
Oleyakker...welcome to join anytime.  Both of my shoulders have been blownout for years. Knees, back and feet too!

Hey somebody I need a pair of river boots size 11-12 for over my waders for this coming weekend's trip to the guad. HELP!

Yeah, I'm scared of water moccasins. Only a damned fool isn't. Oh, and zombies.  :o


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