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White Bass Run

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Dave Kelly:
Piece in the Chronicle today about the white bass spawn heating up.

Any body Chasing?

Next Weekend! 

Kayaks and fly rods.


Where would one go to fish white bass from a kayak? Rivers, lakes? Where to launch? How long do they typically run? I always thought this was a late Feb/ early March thing.


Next weekend is the Guadalupe trip, and the fly festival is the following weekend, but might be a good trip after that.

Dave Kelly:
Typically white bass is a lake schooling fish. It run up rivers and creeks to spawn. Looking for a gravel bottom.  Nail Creek on Lake Summerville has been the usual place TFFers go.

The up river shoals from Lake Buchanan, the Perdinallis around Hoopers Hole, below the dam to Lady Bird Lake in Austin. I would try the upper reaches of the lake where the LLano empties.

Read 2Coolfishing for some other places up state.

Dave Kelly:

--- Quote from: Puck on January 19, 2012, 03:38:50 PM ---Next Weekend! 

Kayaks and fly rods.


--- End quote ---

Do Canyon Lake Sunday for white bass. And don't forget Canyon with you 12 weight for spawning alligator gar.


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