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Because you have been a friend for a long time I will tell you how they were caught. We have 8 active lakes and the new 9th (Ospey) is off limits to fishing until April. In Osprey the Tad Poles are being ingested by the Crappie population at a rate that all they do is get fat and the Tad Poles continue to do their thing. We gave Sgt's Pucks and other members permission to catch all they want. Attach them to a size 6 hook and sight fish the Bass in all the other lakes. Use a 6 wt. or a spinning rod and set the hook; Not matching the hatch but never put a Tad Pole in front of a Bass or a fly that resembles one which looks and/or actions resembles a Tad Pole. This years weather has messed up the trees and the fish and their foods are confused with the season. I have never seen Tad Poles in this number at this time of a year. If one studies what is happening in the waters they fish they can always use this to their advantage in going home with a positive result. I have the advantage to study their activities every day and I can see the changes as they occur.


So I guess I should tie up some tadpole flies for the Sunfish Spectacular then? :)


Mike has already given the Grey Lady some tadpole flies to test.  They look great.  Zonker strips always have great action in the water.

On her first Saturday off, we are headed that way.


Who is the Grey Lady?  I thought that was the NY Times.


Grey Lady = Nilo (AKA Mrs Puckett)


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