Author Topic: ANOTHER PREFRONT BONANZA  (Read 860 times)

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« on: January 08, 2012, 03:40:11 PM »
It seems every Sunday, there is another front on it's way into HTown and they make our Bayou "Green Trout" FRISKY just before it starts to rain!  To say the least today they were feeling frisky for sure!  However, today I was on a mission of another sort.  The Wormdrowner and I had noticed a fresh bicycle reef in one of the deeper holes while fishing last week and I thought I would return to remove it today.  I have several of my workers who cant afford bikes for their children and this one looked like with a little effort it could be returned to use. So while I  was removing the bike with a home made grappling rig I noticed a large bass on the far shore crusing back and forth like she was bedded up between some rocks. I knew I had my conventional rod and some plugs in the back seat of the truck so after pulling out the bike I returned to the truck for my bass rig. Yes I asked three neighbors out in their yards near where I parked if they knew who's bike this was but nobody seemed to know,so...

Here's the bike.

So armed with a 1/4oz flashy Model A I went back to find the bass and here is her partner.  Doesn't the buck always get there first!

So I'm thinking she has to be near so I'll wait a few seconds and try that spot again. BOOM Who Let The Dog Out!

After quite a tussle I landed her and she was a brute approaching FOUR pounds!

Here she is next to my size nine shoe.  NICE FISH FOR IN THIS BAYOU!

I moved down stream a little and saw another spot where a bed might be. 2 casts later.

Last fish of the day as the rain was starting to come down and I have a cold already don't need to get any sicker so I split.

Iknew these big fish were in here but they just haven't been hungry before when I was after them.  Today was a banner day for the bayou.  Fishing time 1 hr fifteen minutes.  Bye Now.

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those are nice fish for anywhere(do those city fish speak spainish ,hi columbia)