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Bought another rod today.....

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My buddy gave me a $75 gift card to BPS for Christmas. Used that and a fist full of more dollars to buy a Sage Flight 5wt and a Lamson Konic 2 reel. Been wanting a 5wt and what the heck, I was a good boy this year! ;D

Does that mean I can use the 7'-6" Sage 3 wt. for bass'n on the bayou??????????? :o

Don't let Mike touch it; that is the kiss of death. I am keeping a long record of rods that Mike tried just for a few seconds.

Have you filled out & turned in the Sage warranty card yet?


Mike actually used the 3 wt and even returned it to me unsullied.

Gotta get the warranty card mailed off before too long.

Mike & I shared my 11wt sage rod, tarpon fishing one day without any mishaps.

I just thought Mike would get a kick from my message; I am supprised there isn't a response from him yet.


Denis Auger


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