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Ergh...scroundging...harsh word my friend. Evidently you are the only man in our club who doesn't know that I am a 7th Degree (for those who don't know...especially our squating friends from the UK the 7th degree is one step past PHD) BASS, FFF, LSAA, CCC, NASCAR, NASA, and La Raza Certified Fly and Lure Tester! It takes years of hard work and untold hours toiling in search of the correct protocol to obtain this level of in a word (or two) absolutely not!  Besides I do this for your safety and welfare. Just ask any of our more proficient tiers. None of them have sustained harm while in my company! >:( :o :P 8)

Dave Kelly:
There will be no fly tying on Tues 14th because of Valentines Day
The world will return to normal next week.


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