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Can't get enough of your fellow TFF fly-tying buddies?  Need more time on the bench?  "Tying Flies and Telling Lies" Now comes to TFF! By now, everyone should have read the post on the TFF website, but "leaving no stone unturned" I wanted to let everyone know that TFF will now host regular "open forum" fly tying on the 2nd and 3rd Tuesday of the month starting at 6PM and promptly ending at 8:30PM at the Bayland Community Center.  Harry was good enough to make the arrangements for us in the Art Room, but check the board when you come in just in case some other group is using it.  This is "open forum" and we are free to come in an just tie flies and share ideas.  At 8:30pm, we got stop and we got to clean up after ourselves.  Questions? 210-414-7418, Bob L.

I'll nominate myself to be the Guinea pig to test out the flys  Saltwater perferred but fresh water bass will be OK! Hope to see you there sometime.  Bring a camera and take photos of the steps taken to tie up some of the flys.  Also record who attends. Brownie points will be given to attendees that donate their flys to me... REALLY ;D

I'll be there.  My flies for tonight will be:


These 3 are my winter FreshWater Go-To flies


Well hello fellow TFF'ers.  I thought I would attend the initial nite of our informal fly tying get togethers.  Don had the doors open and Bob and Jim had completed their setting up.  Puck was already finishing up one of his Skrat flys and was starting another.  So I thought I whip out my new camera and get a few shots for you at home.

You guys know this guy, the legendary PUCKSTER.

Here Puck is putting the finishing touches on one of his famous Hare-E's that slave everything that swims out at Damen Lakes!

As Puck had arrived early he also had to leave early to return to the house. Here's a picture of his flys from tonite!

James was tying a salty looking Gurgler Blanco.  This fly has potential in the right hands...who me? Here he is wrapping in the foam.

This fly took patients, here he is wrapping in the body (I'm sure there is a technical term - why do you think I'm here!)

Now he is pulling back into position the foam.

A few quick wraps.

After a few clip clips and snip snips, a lil glue here and there and WHA-LA! Isn't she purdy...

Thanks to Jim Richards for your attendance.

Here is where Jim got his patterns for tonite. Don't stop now only eight more to go. I like a set please.

Now Mr. Logan...well let's just say this man is driven to tie. He was all about the freshwater scud eating shrimp tonite. He brought his how to magazine and followed the pattern of the famous Oh he made me promise not to tell! Here's James and Bob accessing the theory behind the tying specifications.

This hook was very interesting.  Note the curved profile.  Very flexible too.  Ask Bob about it the next time you see him.

Here he is wrapping in the first few wraps of the body using mono.

Next he is using the microfibetts to form the portion of the soon to be head and horn...this stuff was cool.

Using a backround (Bob's Shirt was busier than Westheimer at five o'clock) the microfibetts are now in place.

These were the trick of this fly...the eyes (green) made by Metz.  Use your zoom on this pic.

Now he has added the body by tying small segmented bunches of microfiber (I think...ask him)

Not a great picture but the eyes have now been added and the critter is coming alive.

Now he is applying the flexible epoxy to form the shrimps shell.

Quickly the ultraviolet is applied to cure the resin material. 

There she is in the upper left hand corner.  Bob also banged out the rest of these tonite.
Here is where Bob learned this pattern and he aspires to tie as well as these that are shown. From what I saw that could be tomorrow. By the way those are Bob's (the small ones) laid on the Magazine photograph. NICE STUFF BOB!!!!!!!

I had a great time tonite and hope to see some more of you here next Tuesday night.  Sombody bring a bucket of chicken and some biscuits!


PS Here is data on Jim Richard's Fly

The fly I tied last night was the Gurgler Like  version of a fly many in this area know as the "Red Fish Crack" fly.
The tail is craft fur and the body is EP fibers with micro legs.  I tied on a double weed guard and used black mono eyes. I used white foam. This was the first of this version of the fly I have tied.  It is intended to skitter along the top of the water like a shrimp.  As you may have noticed the foam was tied in from the front and the front of the fly was round rather than flat like most Gurglers.  The round front is intended to prevent the fly from catching water in the front and allowing the fly to skitter accross the top of the water like a popping shrimp.
I have tied some of these flies in the past which did not have the foam-some with bead chain eyes, some with dumbell eyes and some without eyes.  This is the fly I call "Red Fish Crack".
I have found a number of Crack addict Red Fish in Port O' Connor and a few in Galveston which went after this fly.  The most productive colors for me have been  an olive body with a tan tail and solid white both tied with pink thread.  In very shallow water I have had Crack Addict Reds go for the fly in Olive without any eyes at all on it. This design of course creates a very slow sink and is nice to have in very shallow water.
Hopefully, this is the type of information for which you were looking but if not let me know.
I will plan on making the forum next month but have a conflict with another meeting on Tuesday of next week.



So Mike - does this mean you will start tying your own flies instead of scrounging them off every one else?? :)


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