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Newby Nigel hits the Bayou

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What a gorgious day today was, cool morning and warm afternoon. geese in the air and fish wanting to cooperate that 'bout says it all.
Met up with Nigel from our board and we hit a stretch of the White Oak today.  When we arrived at our first destination we set up a plan how we would attack the fish.  Nigel broke out his fly box loaded with home spun flys that looked like he was an acomplished tier.  I said those will work pointing to several different flys but I said the chartruse and olive clousers with the red underside would be killer.  His eyes lit up "yeah I just tied those up after reading your posts. "Well there you go McCloud" somebody does listen.  As we walked down the embankment he remarked that he wasn't much of a bass fisher.  I told him i'll ask you that question in a couple of hours and see what you say! He also was amazed at how clear the water looked and that it did! The water was as clear as I have seen it lately. This was going to be good.  We set up and I pointed out several deep holes where I thought we should start. After his first cast I heard him say, "Darn I just missed one".  My first cast was met with the familar "thump" and I had my first fish on but while fighting the fish another larger bass came out and tried to steel the fly out of the mouth of my fish. While Nigel was still casting in his spot a large flight of canadians could be heard directly overhead and I told him to look up and see the geese and come and join me and lets see if I can get you on this larger fish.  After telling him where to cast he laid the fly in the spot perfectly and whamo the big girl slammed the fly and the fight was on.  I looked over and saw a grin ear to ear! Should I ask him now? We both stood over this hole and alternated casts.  We took at least ten bass out of this deep hole that was probably no more than 25 long x 15 wide x 3 foot deep.  Saying the fish were stacked up would be the obvious.

My first out of the "honey hole", look close you can see her trying to escape to no avail!

The geese overhead heading to Katy!

Here's Nigel landing his first White Oak Bass.

Can you see his grin?

One down and many more togo

Here is a poor picture of another out of the honey hole.

Our first double.

So after awhile we relocated to another deep hole.  Here's Nigel.

Ooops another getting the picture here!

Life is good!  Thankyou Jesus!

Say Aaahhhh! This little fly did the trick until I lost it.

I always like to show that we catch little one too.

Definately the most beautiful fish of the day!  Thanks to MIke I lost this one too in the weeds behind me.

Another look who would have thought Chichlids would be in this bayou?

By this time Nigel had to return to his studies but I have a feeling there will other trips to the bayou for him.
Hey Nigel what do you think of these little guys NOW!

Till next trip.  Hey Matt sit down and tie some of these lil bugers up. See you later in the week. Scott you missed a good day.
 8) 8) 8) 8)


Who would've thought there were so many bass in the bayou? Had a great time Mr. Graham, I'll definitely be doing it again. P.S. I knew this wasn't a joke when that first big one started taking line off the reel!

Jared F.

Dave Kelly:
Your comments about the quality of the water and looking at the condition of the fish, speaks well about the health of the bayou.

There is a sanitation facility southwest of the intersection of T C Jester and Tidwell. Are you fishing upstream from that?

Actually Dave there are Sanitation Plants all up and down the Bayou.  This first spot had what appeared to be very clean water pumping into it through a 12" pipe and there was a confluence formed between the White Oak and creek coming off of another Sanitation plant.  Yes the fish were very healthy and were active in 55 degree clear blue sky weather.  The only problem is using light tipped leader and having all of the high grass behind you while casting.  I lost three real good flys from not keeping my back cast way up high! I am going to start using 16 lb.  The bass won't care.

Mike - that water looks great! How come when you took me it was like chocolate milk? :D :D


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