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Pre-fishing the Bayou for the Guys!


Had a chance to get out this evening to pre-fish several areas as tomorrow Scott B and Jared F are coming out to take part in some Bayou antics.  Although the temp was 55 degrees the bass were readily on the feed. So much so I broke off on two larger fish.  Guys don't bring any wimpy 10lb. leaders 12 -16 much better.  Especially when lifting your fish up the imbankment. Lost two fish and two good flys.  Mike Arnold's green cookie and one from I don't know where. That fly I caught six fish in six casts! the last was just too big to lift up the bank... I have some pictures of the fly.  It was a clouser type with brass barbell w/ painted eyes, dark orange head wrap, yellow white olive and burnt orange body with a couple of copper flash fibers that really flashed in the water.  Look at the fly in each of the pictures below.  If you can tie some I want some ...easy as that!

First fish out of this hole. Note fly

Next fish Note same fly.

Believe it or not another fish on same fly note where fly is position in fishes mouth.

Here's the next fish from the same hole.  This place was loaded.

Here is a (too) closeup of the fly.  not a good picture but you can see it good in other picts.

Last fish before I lost it. Good look at head note fishes gill has fibers sticking out to show length.

The fish that I broke off on was around 2.5 lbs. and out of the same hole.  I tried to lift onto bank and the leader broke abobe the knot! Anyways whoever wants to join me tomorrow send email or call I will be hitting the bayou arond 10:30 am.  See ya.

Dave Kelly:
Fishing Tackle Unlimited?

Dont think so I went to their Katy Freeway store last night and they didn't have anything near that.  I'm thinking one of our guys tied this puppy up.  Man was it effective. six casts and six fish.  Bet if i didin't try and lift that bigger fish I could have caught more with it.  Heck it would still be tied on the leader right now. I think the long body shape and the flash it produced helped.  Remember though I was a bass fisher for 20 years before turning salt.  I know where they live and how to entice them into striking in just about any conditions. Not just a strip strip strip is going to catch them.

Yesterday I saw some big 30"+ carp...I want them badly!


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