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Wright Guthrie


Derek Dion:
I thought some of you might remember Wright, he passed away a few years ago but he was a 50+ year Houston (Bellaire) resident and my grandfather who introduced me to fly fishing.

I went to the Green River with him and many of his Fly Fisherman of Houston friends back in the 90's and again about 10 years ago, just curious if any of them are still around and happen to be on this board.

Sorry I didn't have the opportunity to know your Grandfather but anyone who took the time to make sure his Grandson got to go fly fishing and be exposed to the beauty of the Green River is a good man.  This is what the spirit of fly fishing is all about. Passing it on to the next generation is a true blessing.  You are a very lucky man.  Come and join us at one of our monthly meetings and we'll see if we cant locate some of your Grand Dad's buddies. If not maybe we can introduce you to some like minded fly fishers.

<*(((>{ GOLDEN }<)))*>

Derek Dion:
Appreciated Golden, I just might do that, thank you.  :)


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