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Pre Front Bayou Bass'n


I went outside this morning and the temperature was 68 degrees and balmy with little or no wind.  I know a front is coming in today so I check the radar and it looks like I have a couple of hours before the weather change.  I'm going fish'n!  I jump in the truck and hit one of my White Oak Bayou favs to see what is happing.  The flow is perfect, water is clear...well clear brown and I can see fish moving along the edges.  By the way all of the fish you'll see below were caught on flys tied by Mike Arnold.

This is the first place I looked.

Doesn't take me long and I found this little critter.

The first spot I choose was chalk full of bass. After catching a few small ones a big girl came out and I busted off my favorite fly of the ones Mike sent me on the strip set!  Anyways I continued on down stream after tying on a chartruse and grey clouser.  This is what it looked like once I stuck this fella!

Nice fish huh!

This guy followed the last fish and then cruised a few feet away and just sat there until I stuck him too.

If you don't think I'm having fun. At this point I have caught about fifteen bass in less than one hour. So I move down stream some more looking for some riprap edges and I see this swirl and flash right in front of me.  I cast in and WHAMO

I hope you can zoom in on these pictures cause this fish goes ballistic and I was able to snap a few shots during the fight.

After that tailwalk she speed over behind me trying to break me off on the rocks and then she jumped again.

SAAAWWWEEETTTT Right! So it was time to quit messing around with the camera and land her.  The Beauty Photo a solid 2.5lb. fish.

The weather had definately change by now though and the temperature was falling fast and the drizzle had started to fall.

So I am thinking there are still plenty of more rocks across the way could there be another promising fish there.  Boom of course there was.

Not all of my fish were big, however I took a picture of this little fella cause it was so fiesty and pretty.

By this point I had caught well more than I could count (anything over 20 requires higher math) So once the drizzle started to fall a little harder I figured it was time to go home and fix a pot of coffee and some a little football...drink a few brews...and give my thanks for this wonderful day!


That is a great report!  You should drag along a cameraman.

I'll make sure to mention it at the next AAA (Armchair Anglers Association) meeting.   ;D


How do you think the fishing will be this weekend, cold weather and all? I might ask if I could tag along if you're going this weekend... who wants to study for mid terms anyway? ;D

I will be fishing this weekend locally. You are welcome to join and any others are too. My hours maybe kind of crazy though. Whether I take you to my honey hole is yet to be determined.  I'll send you a PM with my phone.


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