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Quick afternoon trip with Raymond L.


Raymond invited me over to fish the 3+ acre oxbow that is his back yard. 

Catching was slow, but fishing was great.

We launched in Raymond's paddleboat, and started casting to every edge we saw.

Freshwater jellyfish, which I had never heard of before were on a lot of the underwater structures.

A couple of bird species that I wasn't familiar with hunted on the shoreline.

Neighbors waved to a familiar face, Raymond, not me, a s we made our way around.

The brief summer rain soaked us, and cooled everything down.  We didn't see any close lightning, so we kept fishing.

As close as it was to the "magic hour" just before sundown, I couldn't keep the enthusiasm, and had to quit. 

A good quick afternoon trip, with great company.

Here are some pictures.


Jelly fish to hand wow you're a tuff guy! No stings?? Did you try sinking flys? Sure should have been something there to bite!  Looks like you still had a great time. Nice report PUCK!

Don Hanselman:
Yes, at certain  time of year on Lake Amistad had millions of silver dollar size jelly fish... also freshwater shrimp.. use to catch in the ditches around our house after a rain...when I was a kid...


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