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Golden Goes Fresh!

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Since I haven't been able to cure my boat's "ethanolitus" yet I have been hitting the local "Brownlines" for some green trout.
Flows are low right now drought and all!

Another hole further upstream.

Look for riprap and sand bars.

You'll find these.

...and some of these.

Just down stream from one of the concrete erosion barriers I found this hole.

Here's what is in it.

This one too!

Not a good picture but german carp don't fight worth a crap!

But This guy did.

The first pics were from Saturday These are from Sunday morning.

This fish was spotted cruising along the bank before getting nailed.

Next cast.

How'd she get in here well she's a real keeper too! 9 months - Kymmie

Anyways Big Fish of the weekend! 4.0lbs.+

Here's another good spot.

He was in there.

Well they can't all be that big. But I had a blast, I guess fresh is OK - especially when it's less than mile from the house!

Fished today with Marcos E. watching I caught at least fifteen bass in less than two hours.  Called the shot on at least eight of the fish. they were where you'd think they were.  Just throw a good cast and fish on. Marcos is tying up some new carp flies.  He couldn't believe how many big carp are swimming within an easy cast away. Largest fish today was around 2 lbs.  Marcos got pictures of it and so did I!

There's the flash of the strike!

Nice Fish...Yeah Baby! All of this just a few blocks from the house.

I can guarantee you Marcos will be back! Oh and by the way all of the fish caught in these Photos were caught on flies tied by TFF'ers.  Thanks to Mike Arnold, Hunter Soape, and Robert Logan I'm having a blast! I will be doing this again and if anybody wants to join me give me a PM.  I have already heard from Colorado aka The Slaming Kid he's ready to go. These bayous are very bike friendly.

Hey Mike,

If you're heading to the bayou Sat of Sun, and want some company, give me a shout. I'm itching to wet a line.

PM me your contact number! I will going once temperatures get up around 60-65. 10-11 am

Dave Kelly:
The pink and fuzzy white fish you got, what fly did you use? Looks like a trophy to me and should be mounted on a pedestal.

Trust me ...she is. My 1st Grand child.  She was Lamb Chop for Halloween.


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