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Don Hanselman:
I want to plan a fishing trip to Venice LA for four days... Fish two and half days and come home on fourth Oct.. I will take my boat -Need NO Fishin Guide,, I have fished in Sept and Nov in Yellow Cotton Bay  twice. Without a guide --marsh lands in 3 to four feet of water.. Three of us went an left Houston around 4am and arrived at lunch time.. Got the our room unload an hit  the water around 1pm and fished dark caught a least  150 trout and five or six reds. all on Mirrow Lures- Silver/Char- She Dog Top Water...   We fished  to dark, got clean up, get something to eat and get ready for more fun the next day.  I didn't  fly fish at the time, but would be a blast...Cannot wade to boggie--Excellent Yak fishing to but it's bit of ride to get the Yaks to the spot..  I can carry two Yaks an people on my boat if enterested. Well protected area from winds. alot of reefs and greass.   :)  Like to plan now who is going can do resarch on the area. Google Earth shows in detail of fishing area... If you want to hire a guide do so on your own.. The fishing is excellent unless it has changed sence I have been down...over ten  They have some excellent seafood places to eat in LA..

Put me down as one of your mates, if you would have me.
I am retired and anytime will be fine.

Denis Auger

Mike Sumpter:
I'd like to go as well.  Will talk to you and Bear at the meeting Tues. to get some additional info.

Don Hanselman:
Yes, your welcome.. just three so far.. I don't want anyone else because we have to fish out of boat.


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