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Night Fishing Under Galveston Causeway Lights....


Don Hanselman:
Here is a video of Yak fishing under Galveston Causeway at night... I have done this many times out of my boat, chucking Mirrowdyns into the lights and caught limit in a hour.. I will be going to do this with my fly rod.. any takers call me 713-816-0884,  after I retire on 27th June...So get ready...The lights on all pylons but only a few are "ON" --When the causeway was new all the lights were "ON" an you could fish more freely...Now you have to get on you spot Sun down or go early in 1 to 2 am...and fish to Sun rise...

The best bite is on a slow out going tide...with light winds,not good on a ripping tide...and windy... Good in winter also..
 It's going to get hot soon an the fishing slow down during day.  But excellent under lights at night..  Checkout website..

Dave Kelly:
Troy  Miller use to do that. He would fish the canals of Tiki Island.
Caney Creek should be another good place to also do that.

Don Hanselman:
Great! Will have to try fly fishing under lights..!!

Animal Chris:
If you're going to fish Tiki at night, plan on fishing from about 2:00 am til 5:00 am. The residents down there get aggrivated when they see the kayakers come in and snipe the fish from their lights. But, most of them will have gone to bed if you wait until 2:00 am. then, around 5:00 am, start heading to the load out because the bay boats will be coming out in mass. Don't ask me how I know this.

Dave Kelly:
Maybe a good new saltwater outing for this summer would be to rent  a couple portable light plants and light up a mile or so of beach. Or find a good saltwater creak and get into schooling specks.

Wonder if you could call up some white bass in one of the lakes?


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