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'Nother HTown Bayou Trip


Well at least somebody was listening the other night at our meeting.  As I was driving down the street in the neighborhood I noticed a suburu wagon pulled into one of the access points for the bayou.  Seeing some FFF stickers I was interested to see who this was.  I pulled in and looked down the bayou and saw a bass swimming right below where this guy parked??? Did he not see this easy prey?  So I walked back to my truck and assembled my rod, tied on a tested and true fly and went back down to the bayou's edge one cast and I thought I would take a picture of the fish in front of the guys car to show him what he had overlooked.

Well I spotted the fisher down the ways so being the friendly type I walked on over and introduced myself.  Why it was Dave Keene who recently joinded TFF and he took me up on my invite for the members to take advantage of this local fishery.  We spoke for awhile and fished for quite some time.  He had already caught a couple of good fish and was trying to perswade one of the bayou carp to take his fly.  As we walked the bayou we both began to score some solid fish. 

Here's Dave

Here's Me

Little fish with LARGEMOUTH

Another Beauty

So this goes on for awhile and I get a call from Marcos E. who wants to join us.  'Bout twenty minutes he does and he too is into some solid fish.  But I had to go back to work (that's right this spot is so convienent that you can catch a few while on break) so I left the guys as they walked off to search for a way to catch some carp.  Marcos brought some coffee bean flys and was going to try them.  I wonder if they did any good??? Bye Now.

Good job!

There is hope for you yet.  :)


Just Keep'n Sharp my friend...It's like going to the range and bust'n a few caps! When it comes time for combat - I'll have the edge.  OOOooRRAAAAaaa!


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