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iFly closed? Out of business?

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Finn Maccumhail:
Some poster on TKF said he went by iFly today and it was completely empty of merchandise and dark.

That's what I heard at Damon 7 Lakes this weekend as well. There had been rumors for several weeks that they were failing. Sadly, I guess they were true. I hate to see anyone lose their business.

Finn Maccumhail:
I missed that talk. You'd think they would have a blowout on their merchandise.

Wow - i guess thats why they cancelled their showing of the Fly Fishing Film Tour this year....and there goes my idea for a new place to hold the club meetings. The wildfish theatre would have been perfect.

I agree they should have had a blow out sale though.

Dave Kelly:
Didn't they have 2  locations? Are we sure they didn't consolidate?
I heard the guy Brooks sold it to had another business and used Anglers Edge for PR connections.

I know a few years back he bought nearly all the chartered trips we had at the auction.


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