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TFF Guest Speakers at Cypress Springs High School 2014, Day 3


TFF has been invited back to participate in the expanding of young minds at one of our local high schools.

We will be speaking to 3 different classes, starting with the first period.

Day 3 (2014-04-11, "April 11th, 2014") - Fly Tying
          This is the most challenging due to the time limits (40 minutes). 

We will need some more volunteers.

Updates are in the works.

Coffee at the flag pole 0630
Sign in at 0700
We have about 30 students for first, second, and fourth periods, for a total of about 90.
Tying the wooly bugger on size 8 TAG (no sharp edges) hooks.  We have about 40 minutes per class.
One guy on the camera, tying, the others on the floor, assisting.


The volunteers, Dave S. Frank B, Marcos E, and I showed up to educate the students how to tie a wooly worm.

Coffee, scones, muffins were enjoyed while we waited for the sign-in desk to be manned.  While waiting we got a visit from the police. I guess a bunch of guys drinking coffee at the flag pole is not a common event.  When we reminded him that he was one of our moving fly casting targets the last time we were there, he remembered us with a laugh and went back to his regular duties.

OK, we forgot 3 bobbins, and 100 hook.  The video camera had the wrong cables.  And then the fun started.  100 sandwich baggies loaded with the ingredients for the fly.  About 30 teenagers in 3 different classes.  3 roamers, and a loud bald guy in the front, with a running commentary.

During the first class we timed it perfectly, and only had 2 minutes to spare as we were able to get two sets of students at each vice.

The second class we had about 5 minutes left, and Marcos attempted to explain the math behind profiting from fly tying.

One the last class of the day, we were a well-oiled team.  Roving through and getting the tyers help as they asked for it, we had a ton of time left, almost 12 whole minutes. 

Some of the neon colors that we used would get the attention of just about anything, fish included.

This was a great way to introduce younger folks to  our sport.  Without this some of them would never even consider fly-fishing.

Then Charlotte G.  our teacher, showed us the homework assignment, budgeting a fishing trip.  I thought this was a great idea, and could only get them to put more thought into what kind of fun there is to be had.

Next time?



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