Author Topic: Bayou Bass Bananza  (Read 369 times)

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Bayou Bass Bananza
« on: March 16, 2014, 10:04:24 AM »
So OK I didn't have a Show to do this weekend which allows me the time to go hit the WOB.  All the same as last time but this time I was beaten by several BIG fish. I saw this one big fish drop into a deep pool hole so I casted in...let the fly drop...several short strips revealed the line was moving a different direction than the current.  I trout set the rod high but didn't get all of the slack line on the rod.  I tried again and thought I had the big girl set well but she jumped one time and spit the hook! NOT GOOD! The male bass protecting her nest is easily three pounds.  I'd say she is six! I through at him for a while just letting the fly sit on the nest but he wouldn't pick it up.  Oh he'd go right up to it and look at the fly from every angle but would not pick it up.  Smart dude!

The other one that got away was not as big...maybe three pounds but again I thought I had the hook set.  I'm guessing the hook needs to be re-sharpened due to over-use lately.  If you recognize the fly and you tied it for me please tie up a few more ...and of course one or two for yourself and I will take you to their home. That's a fair trade huh?

Here is what I was looking for in the bayou that produces the best fishing.

Never pass one of these up either.

This gal was sitting under the biggest rock below the drain above. She was a "One shot wonder".

Here is the hook up.

This little bug is a great producer.

Even caught a little buck or two but I was looking for the bigger fish.

Had a great time today tried calling several of the Bayou bass'n boys but didn't get any takers. Pre-frontal conditions with a little mist in the air spells good fishing on the WOB.  Until next front see ya later.

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