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Has anyone been to the guadalupe and/or heard anything about
The fishing there lately?

There are a couple of folks who post on 2CoolFishing who fish the Guad on a regular basis. They may have some info.

Found myself in a fly shop in Gruene over the weekend, learning about trout fishing the Gaudalupe tailwaters below Canyon Lake. There are a few guides who fish the area, and apparently there are plenty of stocked 12" trout and 18" to 20" are not uncommon. So says the flyshop operator, anyway. First stocking of the year was last week, so they should be there.

I'm thinking of giving it a try in January. Probably hire a guide to get the feel of fishing those waters; all new to me. Anybody interested give me a shout or a pm...


I fished the Guad several times last year on the TU lease access program. TPWD stocks the river in several places with small stockies throughout the winter. Its the local TU chapter that stocks the bigger fish within the managed zone roughly in the middle of the trout holding area. This area is managed more as a catch and release fishery and does hold some big fish. Although most probably do not make it through the summer there are always some that manage to hold over and these look far more like wild fish than the yearly stockies. The local TU chapter can be found at and their forum has up to date river info. I have used a guide on the river for a day before with  Steve Vigil. We used Brent Hodges at and had a great time. His rates are reasonable and he was doing a discount for TFF members however I dont know if thats still the case.

The river is mainly a nymphing river althought there is some dry fly action if you are in the right place at the right time. Most of my fish have come from dead drifting nymphs under an indicator. A good spot to try is at the Action Angler on River Road. You can pay $5 to park there for the day and he has a fully stocked fly shop that most of the guides use so he knows whats happening on the river. You can enter the river right there under the bridge and fish your way downstream looking for fish around the boulders and in the deeper holes.

The club usually has a trip to fish the Guad in the first half of the year. Last year we called it off because of damn works but if all goes to plan it should happen this year and I am happy to lead it. I have some ideas about changing the format a little to make it more of a experienced teach beginners set up which I will bring up at the next meeting.


Adam Colorado:

I would like to go give the Guad a try.  Not so sure about hiring a guide though.  Even though busting big salties seems to be my new flavor, a little fresh h2o action wouldnt hurt especially right after they stock the river. 


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