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Bayou Bassin - They're Back!

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So I got a call from Mike Q. last night...Hey Dude you want to meet on the Bayou?  Told him work was probably going to interfere but what the hey let's try it.  So we meet up around 8:30 AM Saturday morning to check out the Bayou.  Calm winds, it's over 55 degrees sun is shining, it is nice day!  Mike tells me Pete A. is going to join us soon.  So we decide you go this way I'll go that way let's find the fish. Wasn't long till I notice that I can't turn my fly over worth a poop.  Got to go back to the truck and tie up a new 8 lb leader.  Before I left the house this morning I kind of felt I would have to, so I had my spools with me and it only took five to ten minutes and I was back on the water.  Pete was there by now and we said our pleasantries and off I went east and they went west.  I soon found a deep hole I hadn't fished for at least fifteen years.  This is a spot I used to wait for my youngest kid to get out of elementary school which was about three hundred feet from the schools front door.  NICE! Anyways I started dredging the bottom and I felt the distinct thud we all have grown to love. I said hello Buster with a quick strip set and the bass was airborne in seconds.

Here is my first bass of the day

Nice little buck who was sitting right on the edge of a deep pool just inside the shade line.  So as I kept walking east I concentrated on fishing the shady spots close to deep water.  Boom a second fish came to hand.

You can see he sucked down the fly pretty deep but no worries it came right out as I had the barb compressed.  Anyways I kept on going another forty feet or so and now this THUD was solid.  The fish went airborne and tail walked too.  This was a four pounder with an attitude but after a short fight I got her to the bank and started to pull her up the incline when my tippet broke and the fish and fly slide back into the water. NOT GOOD!  I broke out my box to get another fly when the phone rang...darn it I had to go back to work...

A couple of hours later work done, I returned to the scene of the crime and looked for Mike or Pete but they had left.  I parked in a different location to fish another portion of the bayou. The weather was even better than in the morning and the air temp was around 65 or so.  I change to a different fly and started to look for my quarry in a small section that had a couple of rock formations that looked inviting. First cast and I see this pig come out and whack my fly but I was way to slow and she spit the fly in a nano-second. I cast a few more times at different targets but only caught one of these.

Moving down the bank I found this real sweet spot that looked perfect.

I just stood and watched for a few minutes. But it wasn't long before I noticed this long dark girl swimming along the bank and I put a tight loop right in her face. While she followed the fly I noticed a bigger fish swim up beside her. The first one ate. She looked like this. I'd say bigger than four pounds but you figure that out.

While fighting her I saw at least four more big fish trying to get what ever she was eating away from her.  Also saw a bright pink and red coi(?) rise to the top of the water.  Fish were everywhere After I took that picture I grabbed my rod only to hook up with this.  Another biggie girl who sucked in the fly deep.

So now I am freaking out. Big fish are happening right now.  Keep moving down the bank and look for the rocks.  There some over there.

This is some kind of fun.  As the sun started to go behind the tree line behind me I thought I would return to the truck but not before trying a shot or two at the first fish I missed earlier. Two casts next to the same rock netted this babe and I was able to coax another goodie to hand. But that is enough fun for one day.  Wish you were here.

THEY'RE BACK...I wonder how Mike and Pete did?

Hoo Whee Mike, looks like you had a great day! If only you didn't have to work for a couple of hours!

Looking forward to Mike Q's post, where he shows photos of his results... C'mon MFQ...lets hear the story!


Well.....Pete took a photo of my one fish. Probably could pass for bait compared to the ones Golden caught. Pete & I fished until noon. Looks like the fish turned on right after we left. C'est la guerre!  :'(

Forgive my ignorance, but which bayou?

White Oak Bayou


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