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Casting pointers


Finn Maccumhail:
So I got to fish the Everglades back country 1/22-1/23 unfortunately the weather didn't cooperate so I have no pics of tarpon or snook and the reds & jacks I did catch weren't picture worthy.

Anyway, after the trip the guide emailed me and mentioned this:

--- Quote ---I watched your casting all day and I have a few pointers. You are a powerful man, don’t over load the rod (it sets off oscillations in the rod a wiggle) it un-loads instead of loads, on the back cast stop the rod completely and let the line un-furl. Sometimes the leader/fly hooked to the left, that happens when the rod is not brought back and forward in a straight line (oval shape).
--- End quote ---

As I'm a self-taught caster anybody have any rec's for where to get some pointers on drills or things I can do to address these hitches in my casting stroke?

Dave Kelly:
Hit Marcus up at the next meeting, ask him to schedule some club sponsored casting classes.

Joe French:
since he noticed you have a powerful cast... it is possible to overpower the forward cast and get the hook around instead of laying out straight.I tend to double haul always and sometimes it is not needed. I have been looking at how to do the hook cast "on purpose" and one way is to turn the wrist and make rod tip go in oval near end of forward stroke.

Harry Crofton is I believe certified instructor as is David Lemke. Steve Soule is also a certified instructior.

tight loops,



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