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Colorado River


Dave Kelly:
Hey! Fresh  water outing  chairman.
What  you got against the Colorado River between Bastrop and La Grange?

Nothing against that stretch of water.

I personally know nothing about it.

My last adventure on that river was near the dam, and almost run over by airboats, so I've been reluctant to go back.

Further downstream...  I've never been, so I don't know how the traffic could be.

Suggestions anybody?


Dave Kelly:
Ray R is fishing the Columbus area. Harry C raved about it at the FTF.

Google shows a RV park about 4 stream miles up from Smithville with river access and take out point at the bridge in town.

LCRA has a kayak/canoe trail all the way to the gulf.  One such , community of Plum to La Grange. Half day float. Check their website.

Kevin H  lives at Roseanky and guides  the river. Someone in TFF took that float a few years ago.


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