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Straightening 80 lb test mono?

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Joe French:
I saw a fishing buddy straighten a mono leader by rubbing the line with his fingers vigorously to the point of burning from friction.

A bit ironic about Puck and hair dryer. Maybe should have suggested a scalp dryer ::)



I resemble that remark.


Dave Kelly:
That is exactly what the device does that I mentioned. I have also used my fingers.  In lighter weight material I usually just stretch it.

Animal Chris:
Puck, This is how I straighten my bite tippets for tarpon and offshore leaders....

I have a half inch diameter piece of PVC tubing with a end cap glued to 1 end, and another loose end com. I cut my leader material, usually 60 - 130 lb test in 2 foot lengths and insert them in the opem end of the PVC tubing. I heat the water just to the point of boiling and fill the tubing. NOTE: be sure and use salad or BBQ tongs to hold the tubing. Then, take loose end cap and put it on the open end and prop the tubing up in the sink. I usually wait for about 20 minutes then I'll remove the cap, pour out the warm water, remove the strands of leader matierial and wipe them dry and transfer them to another, similar tube for cooling and storage. This works well for mono but, I've found fluorocarbon might need to steep a little longsr.

I hope this helps, Chris


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