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Straightening 80 lb test mono?

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I have a rool of 80 lb test mono that I use for the brails when I make, or repair, my cast nets.

We now have another use for it, but this requires me to straighten 2 feet, or more, at a time.

Last night I tried boiling it, only to find out that this wasn't quite hot enough.  The coil returned immediately.

Is there another trick out there that would work?


Joe French:
Wondering if putting 2 feet stretched out under tension and hit it with hair dryer.  not sure but worth a try.


Do you really think Puck owns a hair dryer?  ;D

Dave Kelly:
They make a device to straighten mono. Basicly a piece of rubber that you drag it thru under tension.  Never tried it on anything that heave. FTU should have them for sale.
I agree with Joe.

Dave Kelly:

--- Quote from: GDSutherland on January 30, 2014, 01:07:12 PM ---Do you really think Puck owns a hair dryer?  ;D

--- End quote ---

He can borrow from Nilo.


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