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MGM made with EP Foxy brush


George S. picked the brushes up at FTU, and asked me try them for tying the MGM.  They come 4 per package, so cost-wise they are about $2 each.

I was able to tie 2 flies with one brush.  The fibers were much bushier than the brushes I've been making with craft fur.  They hold the shape much better.  I don't yet know how that will translate to action in the water.  They only new modification I made with these was to put red in the general gill area, per George's request.

I was able to shave almost a minute off of my tying time, bringing the time to only a little more than 5 minutes.  The issue was picking the fibers out at every second wrap.  If you don't they trap underneath.  This is still not a show-stopper.


Looks good Puck! Glad to see that the EP brush is promising. Ready to give them a try...

I'll tie up the rest of the brushes within the next few days, mark them up, and set them (total 8) aside for the Devil's River.

Another thought, I can use the underwater camera and check the action in the pool.


George's MGMs are looking good!

We need to test these things.



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