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What is the advantage of this style of hook for a Clouser Minnow?

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A guide I plan to be fishing with shortly recomended this pattern.  And I plan to tie up a dozen or so, as soon as the hooks I've ordered come in.

Does anybody know what the advantage of this style of hook is for a Clouser Minnow?



Dave Kelly:
Isn't that a jig hook?


--- Quote from: Dave Kelly on January 29, 2014, 03:54:59 PM ---Isn't that a jig hook?

--- End quote ---

Correct.  60 degree bend jig hook.


Joe French:
Puck do you know the answer? ;D

I was thinking if the Clouser was dredged on the bottom then the leader would be less likely to get nicked up from shell. Ah, just a thought.


Dave Kelly:
I would think the relocation of the pivot point ( eye ) would give it a different action. Especially needed in deep pools. The clouser was designed to imitate a minnow in a school, more or less. Shallow running and swimming.

In some of the rocky rivers, the pools of water are narrow and deep. Your rod will nearly reach acorss.  You will be jigging in a sense.


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