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Green Trout on the Bayou!

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Well as you guys probably know by now I have hit the Mother Load on the White Oak.  Did some explor'n last Sunday before the game and found some new deep BROWNholes full of critters.  So looky here and ENJOY!

This is what I found early morning, nice little crossover bridge and deep hole below!

Here is my first of the day...a little chunk on a a little "green cookie".

I found this nice little riffle and there was a nice deep hole below it.

Ah...a shopping cart reef we all know what that means.

I picked this little guy off just behind the reef as you can see in the backround...bout a 40' cast too.

This one was just below where I took the previous picture! The fly I was using was dynamite on these bass.

So continuing up stream I see this corrugated pipe and just know that there is a large one under there.

...and there was but he got off before I could capture and photo.  DARN!! but lookie here just over that sand dune another honey hole.

The riffle and eddy.

Fall colors were showing down on the Bayou.  Real quiet and beautiful in a "toxic" way.

View of the brownline from up on the "bluff".

Well that's all for now.  Look me up if you're rates are very affordable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Red Soda, Fried Chicken, Biscuits and Gravy will get you a long way!

Dave Kelly:
Great report Mike.  Reading your description of places to fish, I was taken back to my youth on the Colorado River around Smithville. Exactly the same kind of holes and riffles I use to fish.

Wish I'd known about fly fishing back in the 40's.

Wonder why the club doesn't fish that area. Kevin H lives just outside of Smithville.

To tell you the truth Dave, there were other things that were more a whole lot more important back then!

I used to fish these W O Bayou areas before the county came in and put in the rentention ponds and regraded the banks.  It was nothing to find four to five pound bass everywhere.  Couple more years and they will be more promanent.  Still have a lot to investigate. I'm hoping some of the members want to tag along for the fun but you know how that goes.  Wish I could get you out here Dave.  To me this is pretty sweet.  Near everyones home in Houston (the different Bayous are that is), costs nothing, doesn't require a boat, and darn near a beer stop at every corner and a great place to use a small flyrod! Love it.

Dave Kelly:
I might give it a try.

So I know I'm going out of town for awhile and thought I'd get another short trip in before I go.  So I drive to my nearest honey hole seen in above photos and I find this!

Looking close at all the fishy stickers I'm guessing some HOTSPOTTER has "jumped my claim"! Upon further investigation I find this.

HMMM I know that guy.  Hey YOU!  The "WHO ME" look.

Well anyways he harmless, and I go about fishing. BOOM fish bud musta miss this one!

Closer look at the 'lil fatty....not my fishing hotspoter!

HAHAHA I caught 'em and you didn't...look how fat must be eating crawfish or sump'n?

Hey BUD He's look'n at you!

So I go up behind this small riffle up stream and find this nice calm water covered with Riprap.

Three casts later.  SUPRISE!

After taking the salad off!

Here's his little brother out of the same hole.

Turned around the other direction and found this beautiful 'gill.

How you can go fishing without taking a camera is beyond me.  Had another hook up or three before leaving.  The wind was howling down in the "gorge" and casting was a little difficult but proved to be excellant practice though.  Still need to figure the carp formula.  I'll be working on that while I'm out of town. Thinking about using sponge rubber and weighted hook setup laced with some stink! Should return for the holidays.  Give me a call and lets go fish'n.


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