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Video format question, fly tying....


I found that I have multiple videos of fly tying, and fishing, that I've taken over the years with my waterproof camera. 

My problem is that the Quicktime(R) format, .mov, makes the files so large that it takes forever to share them.

None of the programs I have on hand will reduce the size, and I am not an Apple fan, so Quicktime(R) is not on my PC, nor will it be.

Does anybody have any suggestions?


You might look at


and this free one may work too:

Trying those sites, and reading about them now.




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This free one may work too:
[/quote ---
This was a "free to try" and had about 4 hidden programs in it.  It took 30 minutes to get rid of them, and then it kept locking up every time I tried to open a video with it.  It doesn't deserve the glowing write-up that gave it.

Time to go shopping in 
1.  The reviews of the Movavi Video Converter 12 Personal Edition were so bad there is no way I'll spend the $40.  On to the next

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Dave Kelly:
Plug 'mov2flv' into google and see what you come up with.

I have a bunch of conversion programs but all are script based that run on my linux OS.


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