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FTU Inshore Fishing Expo - Saturday December 10, 2011


Animal Chris:
The Club has been offered space to tie at this event. The hours of the event are 9 am - 6 pm. I'm planning on being there most of the day but would certainly enjoy some company.

If you are interested in tying for a while or for all day, please contact me at

Tight lines, Chris

Seeing that I do not tie maybe I can help in some other way, I have the TFF banners I could bring if FTU doesn't mind, I can set up a computer with some slide shows of photos of us during outings, and can help defer some of the questions about our club if that would help.  I will be working up in the Metroplex around then but should be home for the weekend possibly. Hope to see you there.

Animal Chris:
C'mon Mike. I'm sure we'll be able to clear a spot.


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