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If you have donated at least the minimum of $10.00 to the fundraiser, I will give you one (1) additional raffle ticket at no charge for every $10.00 donation you get another person to make.

I am less than 300.00 off the lead (I have not posted all the donations yet) at this point and we are closing in on the end of the fundraiser.

****** 2015 Rocky Mountain Flyathlon ******

I am a new member of GRTU and looking forward to meeting many of you on the rivers. I am asking for a few minutes of your time to read about a fundraiser I am involved with supporting Colorado Trout Unlimited.

The 2015 Rocky Mountain Flyathlon will be held in Saguache, Colorado on August 15, 2015. It is a combination trail run and fly fishing event but at its core is preservation of streams and trout; a cause we can all get behind.

I am one of 60 "flyathletes" and the ONLY Texan participating. This is an important distinction because some folks are saying they are not going to let a Texas boy be the biggest fundraiser in a Colorado trout fishing fundraiser.

As part of this event, each “flyathlete” is asked to raise money for CO TU and while I have done well, it has certainly been a challenge convincing folks about why it is worth a $10.00 donation here when many do not go to Colorado or fish for trout.

In order to make the event more meaningful to potential donors, I put up a new YETI Tundra 35 Cooler (Retail: $299.99) as a raffle prize for donors who go through my fundraising page.

The fundraising ends on 8/13/15 and I would really like to prove that Texans care about trout habitat as much as anyone in Colorado and we will show that with donations.

Some FAQs:

1. General information about event and its value proposition:

2. Main fundraising page so you can track my competition in fundraising:
a. My team of one (me) is under " Trout Huntin' - Win A YETI "

3. Your donations are tax-deductible when done online via the Crowdrise website

4. The event was founded by a Colorado fisheries biologist who decided to put his three passions - craft beer, trail running, and trout fishing - together in an event like a triathlon but have a lot more fun doing it.

5. The raffle will be held on or about August 18th, 2015
a. *****I will ship the YETI anywhere in Texas at no charge **** for the winner
b. You can also be involved in a separate raffle for a 30oz YETI Rambler; details are on my fundraising page

6. If you do donate, and I hope you will consider it, please make sure you put the organization info in the comments field
a. We are working hard on bringing this event to Texas in 2016 and I want to impress upon these folks how many trout fishermen/women live here
b. I will send a picture of your raffle tickets to you via email or text so that you have some proof of your potential winner

NOTE: My fundraising efforts will be under (to be eligible for the YETI raffle)   

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, comments or concerns.

Dan Gimenez
Twitter: @trouthuntin
facebook: Trout Huntin
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