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I would like to take a minute and thank Marco, Mike, "Puck" and the Piscatorial Patter Team for taking the time to talk to me at the fly fishing expo with Enrico Pugilsi on Saturday.  Also, to the members of Texas FlyFishers who I met at the Christmas Party on Sunday evening. Thank you for the warm reception shown to me, my wife Nicole and our little boy Stephen.  This is why we joined Texas FlyFishers.  I am truly looking forward to being a part of this organization!!

A little about me:

I just retired after 20 years as a Police Officer in Arizona (Tucson) and relocated to the Houston area to be closer to my kids.  I started fly fishing approximately seven years ago and had a GREAT part time job at an Orvis store "Dry Creek Outfitters."  Skill level? I would have to say novice/intermediate and fly tying? probably the same. I enjoy both fresh water and salt water fishing.
    If anyone is planning a trip to the Tucson area or wants to fish San Diego area (Coronado Island) and north county area, I can point you in the right direction.  If your looking for a guide in San Diego I have a recommendation so let me know. I am looking forward to attending TFF events and meetings.  Because Texas waters are brand new to me, I look forward to learning different fishing techniques,  and the different fly tying patterns that will help me be a successful angler.
    Again, thank you to everyone at TFF who has taken the time to welcome me and my family to Texas.  I look forward to meeting and talking to the other members.


Hi Simon, I don't think we have met yet, I was in Colorado and D.C. for Thanksgiving and Xmas. I am the V.P of our club. Welcome! I have a Marine stationed at Miramar Navel Air Station who joined me with another son to fly fish this Holiday in Colorado. It was his first time and I want to keep him interested in the sport while finishing up his tour. Can you pass some info on such as guides and areas to fish. Also if you live in western part of Houston Puck is going to school a couple of us on saltwater fly tying one evening in the near future. If you are interested let me know.
Regards John Purcell (PAVON)

Don Hanselman:
Welcome to  the club Simon, I have been with the club for a couple of years and I happy I joined. I was working in Denver for the last two years and got hooked on fly fishing streams. I did some bass fishing with a fly rod as a kid growing but never mastered the cast as good as our members, but have improved some an will be taken some classes this year to learn the correct way to cast. I tie my own flies for bass and saltwater fishing as well want to take some classes on this subject to improve my skills.  As usual I bring my 21.5 Shallow Sport with me on outings any time you want to jump on board just give me a call.. 713-816-0884..This goes to all new and old timers like me in the club..
See on the water...somewhere!


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