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TwoHanded Scott Fly Rod for Sale


Jack Klinger:
Scott two-Handed Fly Rod & Reel Outifit

Great Two-Handed Spey Fly Rod, Reels & Lines for surf fishing or fresh water trout & steelhead or salmon fishing.  Used maybe half a dozen times like new, reels have slight amount of corrosion. 
Package includes:

ROD & REAL  - 9 wt:
Scott A2  1409/3, 2-Handed Spey Rod, S#: 221477, Med/Fast Action 9 wt   Retail:   $475
Length  12’6”  three section rod with rod tube.

Albright GPR Series Real 9/10  + 1 extra spool            Retail:   $197
      9 wt line, 225+ yds backing

Other Accessories:
   Scientific Angler ST9-F,   Shooting Taper Spey line, floating Color  buck    Retail:   $49   
    Scientific Angler 0.35 SL monocore Shooting Line, sink Color  surf   Retail:   $49

   The Essence of Spey Casting by Mel Krieger VHS         Retail:   $19   

Asking Price $ 300 OBO

Call:  Jack Klinger
    Cell  713-816-5574           Located: Sugar Land, Texas Area


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