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Louisiana trip w/ Scott Null- anybody interested?

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Finn Maccumhail:
So a colleague of mine and I fished with Scott Null on Friday 11/8 in the Galveston area (I'll post a separate report- it was a tough day though but we weren't skunked) and he let me know that in January & February he's got it lined up so that he'll be guiding out of Grand Isle and over to Port Fourchon where you can get shots at some big ol' bull reds.

Here's what he told me:

--- Quote ---I will offer full day trips only at $650 for one or two anglers.  That includes fishing and lodging.  It will be $600 per day if booking two or more consecutive days.  I'll have to clean up and wash sheets, etc between parties so I figure if I can get folks to stay a couple days or more it'll make my life easier.  Plan to arrive the evening before the trip and depart following the trip unless I happen to have an open date the day after your trip in which case you are welcome to stay over and leave the following day.  Also, there are a few hotels in the area if needed and at that time of year they should have plenty of vacancy.

I'm just starting to book dates so it is fairly open at this point.

--- End quote ---

Anybody down for a couple days on the water in January/February?

Get with me...there are some of us talking about going.  Getting a guide for the first day and then going out in our boats the next few days.  We have been talking about a three day trip during the week. But what we need is for the weather to cooperate.  Ideally the guide would give us a call the day before and we would fish the following day. (many of the locals do this) We would have to be "on call" Talking about bringing three to four skiffs in caravan.

I would call that "POT LICKING"


I guess that means you want to join us then! ;D

Some us have been talking about this for some time. There are several really reasonable places to stay right on the water. Finn's idea of using Scott Null is good because he is local to us here in HTown. Also talked to an Orvis guide out of NOLA two weeks ago at Orvis Happy Hour. George was there this past weekend and caught a big'n. We can save a lot of money if we DYI as much as possible.

Joe French and I were in Venice, LA last weekend and caught a lot of Bull reds on a 10 weight usunig 30# leaders  and one snaped my leader on the hook set, he was a bruser. Joe has pictures on this site.

We stayed at the Venice Marina cabins that were $150.00 per night with full kitchen. Our cabin had 6 bunks, but would be crowed with six in the cabin. Three per cabin would be reasonable room.



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