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Venice 11-8 & 9, 2013


Joe French:
Bear and I had good trip to Venice, La. We caught reds on fly and baitcasters. Will post more later. Here are a few pics.  The drain was like fishing in a bucket. The reds just kept milling around in front of the drain.


Joe French:
Here is my 43.5 inch and 30 pound red that was caught on red head/white body Topdog.


Joe French:
More pics. The last one is the open gulf. We went to the edge and Bear was on casting platform and saw some bulls but casting into the strong wind just killed casting. The NE wind was wrong for the area but gives you an idea about sighting bull reds as in 40 inch fish.


Great pics Joe, and congrats to you and Denis on a great trip.

I was over there last weekend too, fishing out of Empire with some conventional fishermen casting paddle tails. Brought the long rods with me but didn't get the chance to break them out.

Tough conditions! Winds on Friday were pushing 30; but we were able to catch big reds in the river itself. Winds laid down Saturday for lots of trout and reds in the marsh.

I'd like to hear whose guide services you used, and would love to put together a fly trip on the area.

Great post!


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