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Redfish Rodeo - October 4th Rockport, TX

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I will DEFINITELY be there! May I request ridership on a boat at this time?

Guys, we seriously need boats! We only have one person with a boat signed up right now.  If we don't get enough boats,  I see kayaks in many people's future......

I just signed up. This will be my first event/outing with you folks. Should be a lot of fun. I do have a boat that I intend on bringing.

Excellent.  We will be glad to have you join us.  When you say you have a crew of four on your sign in page does that mean you are bringing three others or you have room for three others?  Have you fly fished the Rockport/Port Aransas are much in the past? Would you say you're knowledgeable for that area.

We plan on many of us staying at the Drifters Resort located between Rockport and Aransas.  Is this something you might want to do.  If so let us know if you need a partner or two for the room.  The place is nice.  Keep in touch with us through this thread.  As you will see this outing is one of our BEST! Good Food, Great People, BIG FISH.

I can get a total of 4 people on my boat. I have fly fished there a couple of times, so no, I do not have extensive knowledge of the area. I was thinking I would stay at drifters.


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