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Port O'Connor Jetties - May 31st

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Scott F:
I'm in.
Lookin forward to bad mamajama's.
Scott F

If you're planning on going, please sign up. Priority for boat spots/lodging is giving by order of when you signed.

I'm in! Signed up and will be ready to go. Really looking forward to this one, I've never been able to align schedules and make this event. Camping on the island... cool!

Jetty fishing - gotta be ready for big fish. Sounds like I need to go shopping for heavy bite tippet and big chicken-looking flies.


Dave Kelly:
        And if  you  plan on walking on the rocks at any time , I recommend a pair of old golf shoes with sharp spikes.

If you plan on walk'n the rocks I'd plan on a rattlesnake bite kit an orthopedic surgeon and plenty of single malt to ease the pain of the ten thousand mosquito bites. :o


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