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Christmas Bay - March 29th, 2014

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Should be a fun day of fishing

I will be bringing my boat. Launching at Bastrop Marina. May be a few minutes late if fog is as bad as it was this morning. Can handle three normal size guests or 1.5 Quigleys. Will be glad to ferry yaks as we did at Stingray/Yates Bayou. This is not a poling skiff, we would be wading or fishing conventional gear.

Don Hanselman:
 :) I will bring conv. rods in case winds is a gail...I need some fish for fish fry...

I'm going to be out there with the Kayak tomorrow. First time out. Look forward to meeting those who make it out.


Well, the gang met at Ernie's too at 8 AM, too one look at the whitecaps trying to form on Christmas Bay and voted to relocate to Louie's Bait Camp  in Hitchcock where there was slightly less wind.  Unfortunately, even Tim & my sacrifices of fishing rods to the wind gods could not appease them. We paddled around the bayous to no avail and I was informed that the guys in boats didn't do any better. Afterwards, we retreated to Louie's where we consoled each other over burgers and beer. Thanks to everyone who made it out and I hope to see you on the 26th in Sargent. Please don't forget to sign up!

Unca Mike


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